Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), whose bipartisan budget is set to come to a vote in the House on Thursday, took a shot at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Thursday morning for opposing the bill.

Rubio was among the first lawmakers to denounce the bill -- doing so within minutes of its announcement.

Ryan reacted in an animated fashion when asked about Rubio saying the deal would make it harder for people to achieve the American Dream. Ryan looked off-camera briefly and then suggested that Rubio should "read the deal."

"Read the deal and get back to me," Ryan said. "People are going to do what they need to do. Look, in the (Republican Senate) minority, you don't have the burden of governing."

Ryan was then asked again about Rubio coming out in opposition shortly after it was announced.

"I thought it was a little strange. ... It is what it is."

Rubio's office has promoted his opposition to the deal, issuing several releases and trumpeting his media appearances on the issue.

Ryan talked more generally on CBS "This Morning" about conservative groups, which have previously called Ryan an ally. He said they announced their opposition before the deal was finalized.

"We were a little caught off guard that they came out against the agreement before we even reached an agreement," he said.

Both Rubio and Ryan are considered potential 2016 presidential candidates.

Correction 10:08 a.m.: Originally this post quoted Ryan as saying "bill" rather than "deal."

Update 10:41 a.m.: Dan Holler, a spokesman for Heritage Action, which came out against the deal before it was announced, responds:"No one close to this deal was surprised by our opposition or the timing of our opposition. This is a completely fabricated narrative."