The tea party's popularity continues to sink.

A new Gallup poll shows just 30 percent of Americans view the movement favorably, compared to 51 percent who dislike it.

Among political moderates, 34 percent view the movement favorably, while 54 percent view it unfavorably.

Even 34 percent of conservatives say they dislike the tea party.

The numbers echo an October Washington Post-ABC News poll, which also showed a new level of dismay with the tea party. In that poll, which was conducted at the tail end of the government shutdown, 59 percent had an unfavorable view, vs. 28 percent who had a favorable one.

At the same time, the Gallup poll shows that only about half of people who don't like the tea party identify themselves as "opponents" of the movement. Nearly half of Americans say they neither support nor oppose it, and there are nearly as many tea party supporters (22 percent) as opponents (24 percent).