Secretary of State John F. Kerry said he believes Afghan officials will approve a security agreement that would allow U.S. forces to remain in that country beyond 2014.

"I believe that [Afghan President] Hamid Karzai -- either he or his successor -- will sign this," Kerry said in a taped interview that aired Sunday on ABC's "This Week."

Karzai has said he will not support a security agreement unless the United States promises to end airstrikes and raids on homes, in addition to helping broker peace with the Taliban. 

U.S. officials have indicated President Obama is prepared to withdraw all forces from Afghanistan if its government does not agree to the existing security proposal. Kerry said that outcome would affect progress in the war-torn nation.

"The U.S. wants success in Afghanistan, and success means having an Afghan arms force that has the ability to sustain itself and provide security to the people of Afghanistan so they can continue on the road to developing their society, their institutions, their health-care system, their education and other things that are happening today," Kerry said.

Afghanistan is due to pick its next president in April.