President Obama had some interesting ideas for how to fix Washington when visiting with tech leaders Tuesday. But what does real-life House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy have to say about it? (Nicki Demarco/The Washington Post)

President Obama said Tuesday that he wished Washington worked a little more like it does in Netflix's political drama, "House of Cards."

"I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient," Obama said at a meeting of business CEOs, including Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

(WARNING: First-season spoilers ahead)

Obama also referred to the main character, House Majority Whip Francis Underwood, who is played by Kevin Spacey.

"This guy’s getting a lot of stuff done," Obama said, drawing laughter.

Obama appeared to be referring to the show's pace of legislation, not so Spacey's murder of a fellow member of Congress or his philandering with a female reporter -- two of the main subplots of the first season.

But Obama isn't the first politician to pine for part of the "House of Cards" mystique in Congress.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who holds the same position as the fictitious Underwood, recently mused that he would be more effective in his job if he could use the same tools.

"He literally murders one member," McCarthy told a local newspaper in August. "If I could murder one member, I'd never have to worry about another vote."