Why were members of the Toronto City Council, including disgraced Mayor Rob Ford, dancing on the council chamber floor?

Give thanks and praise to the Lord that this happened.

Better question: Who cares? We're just glad it happened, and that it was caught on video.

Here's the actual explanation for the Tuesday jam session, which was led by a local jazz trio singing "One Love" and "Christmas Carol Blues," via The Toronto Sun:

The council musical interlude was modelled after a similar initiative at the Austin, Texas, city council where artists perform music to promote the local industry. Mayor Ford led a music business mission to Austin earlier this year before he admitted to smoking crack cocaine and buying illegal drugs since being elected.

Dance party aside, Ford faced more controversy on Tuesday. Just before the dance party, he was involved in a confrontation with Councillor Pam McDonnell, who he famously bowled over in a hearing last month. And a Toronto Star reporter said he would proceed with a libel lawsuit stemming from Ford's insinuation that the reporter is a pedophile in a recent interview.

The council voted in November to strip Ford of many of his powers.