Former New Jersey governor Tom Kean Sr., a longtime associate of Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.), tells The Washington Post that he hopes Christie will move swiftly to provide answers about e-mails and text messages suggesting Christie's appointees retaliated against a Democratic mayor by creating a traffic jam.

“My advice to him: get it all out now,” Kean said, in a phone interview from his office in New Jersey. “He cannot let some committee, or the press, pull out these problems piece by piece. Let’s get the whole story on the table. If mistakes were made, admit it. If he doesn’t, it’s going to be like water torture.”

Kean, a Republican, says many Christie allies and top GOP donors privately fretted on Wednesday that the governor and his team stayed quiet as the uproar unfolded. “People are a bit stunned,” Kean said. “During past controversies, his advisers were always quick to provide his circle with talking points. Well, today those talking points never came. We’ve heard nothing.”

Christie last year tried unsuccessfully to convince Republican state senators to oust Kean's son, state Sen. Tom Kean Jr., from his position as Senate minority leader.