Those visiting Post Politics Thursday will notice that things look a little different.

Here's the scoop: Post Politics has transitioned to the same format as The Washington Post's other top blogs, including The Fix and Wonkblog. Rather than showing the first few paragraphs of each post, there is now a headline, a brief summary and a picture -- much more compact.

We believe this format is cleaner, more pleasing to the eye and more functional, and we hope you agree.

One cool feature you might notice is that, when you visit the front page of the blog, some headlines are a little darker than others. This tells you which posts you've already read (the lighter ones) and which ones you have yet to read (the darker ones).

As with any changeover, there have been and will continue to be a few little hiccups. Please bear with us as we work through these issues and make this blog better than ever!