Vice President Biden, left, and former defense secretary Robert Gates. (Jim Watson/AP)

Former defense secretary Robert Gates, in his first interview since the contents of his new memoir were disclosed earlier this week, said the Obama White House is very suspicious of the military.

“There was a lot of suspicion in the White House of the military," Gates told the Harvard Business Review.

He emphasized that he and the administration were on the same page on most issues, but said there were "bitter differences" over issues like Afghanistan.

Gates said that the so-called "team of rivals" Obama assembled -- including his former Democratic primary opponents Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and Gates, who was defense secretary under George W. Bush when Obama took office -- worked together well and that the clashes were more about differences in philosophy.

"I think these (clashes) were not a manifestation of putting together a team of rivals, but rather the substantive differences themselves," Gates said.