Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks in his Capitol office in Madison, Wis. on June 28. (AP Photo/Scott Bauer)
File: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks in his Capitol office in Madison, Wis. (AP Photo/Scott Bauer)

In a new interview, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) distances himself from the military retirement cuts that were included in last month's bipartisan budget deal, which was crafted by his Wisconsin GOP colleague, Rep. Paul Ryan.

In an interview with the American Thinker, Walker is asked about criticism of Ryan over the cuts and whether they should have been excluded from the package.

"I think you are probably right about that one," Walker said.

Congress is currently looking at undoing the cuts for disabled veterans, in particular.

Walker said in response to another question, though, that Ryan would be the kind of Republican the party should nominate for president. Walker has said the GOP should nominate a governor, but that someone like Ryan would also be good.

"I was asked who my ideal candidate would be, and I answered a current or former governor," Walker said. "That does not mean someone else couldn't, like Paul Ryan, who in my opinion has the same sense of reforms as many governors."

Walker also offered some thoughts on how to reform the GOP's 2016 presidential nominating process, including drastically reducing the number of debates.

"We also have to reform the way we choose a presidential candidate by condensing the amount of primary dates, reducing debates from 23 to seven, and having the convention in late June instead of September," Walker said.

The Republican National Committee is looking at those possible changes, including setting the convention before Independence Day. The committee is also considering a reduction in the number of debates, but hasn't settled on a specific number.

Walker is himself considered a potential presidential contender, but he first faces a reelection campaign this year.