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Rand Paul: Obama’s concept of ‘majority rule’ is what led to Jim Crow

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), in an interview Thursday, likened President Obama's governing philosophy to the kind of "majority rule" that led to Jim Crow laws and Japanese internment camps.

Speaking on Fox News, Paul reacted to Obama's repeated assertions that Republicans should win elections if they want to control the agenda in Washington. Obama has also suggested in recent days that he might pursue more executive actions -- changes made without Congress.

"The danger to majority rule -- to him sort of thinking, well, the majority voted for me, now I'm the majority, I can do whatever I want, and that there are no rules that restrain me -- that's what gave us Jim Crow," Paul said. "That's what gave us the internment of the Japanese -- that the majority said you don't have individual rights, and individual rights don't come from your creator, and they’re not guaranteed by the Constitution. It’s just whatever the majority wants."

Paul added: "There's a real danger to that viewpoint, but it's consistent with the progressive viewpoint. ... Progressives believe in majority rule, not constitutional rule."