A record low number of Americans say their own member of Congress deserves reelection, according to a new poll.

The Gallup poll shows just 46 percent of people say they think their representative deserves to return to Congress after the 2014 election. That's the lowest of any poll since 1992.

The poll also shows a new low in the percentage of Americans who say that most members of Congress deserve reelection. That number is now 17 percent.

While Americans have been upset with Congress for a while, the vast majority of members continue to win reelection because their districts are safe for one party or another and because mounting a primary challenge against an incumbent is very difficult.

Also, people generally hold their own member in higher regard than the rest of Congress -- believing their own representative isn't necessarily part of the problem.

The Gallup poll suggests that might not be as true as it once was, but the vast majority of members are still virtually assured of winning reelection in 2014.