Reince Priebus. (Associated Press)

Republican National Committee Reince Priebus said in a speech Friday that Republicans need to re-focus on being the party of fairness -- and contrasting that position with what he said was the Democrats' unfairness.

"When the federal government tries to equalize outcomes, we're all going to end up equally worse off," Priebus said in remarks at the RNC winter meeting in Washington. "But when we make sure people have equal opportunities – in education, in the job market, in health care – we're all going to be better off. That’s the right approach. And that’s what’s fair."

Priebus praised efforts by his fellow Republicans to reach out to struggling communities, minorities, and the poverty-stricken. He said those efforts should all fall under the umbrella of economic fairness.

And then he turned to Democrats.

"We’re about that as a party, too," Priebus said. "It’s not fair to voters when leaders they trusted lie to pass their agenda."

Priebus's reference was to President Obama's claim that people who liked their health insurance could keep it. He also mentioned failing schools, government debt and the so-called "marriage penalty."

"None of that is fair – but that's what Democrats stand for," Priebus said. "Republicans are going to stand for fairness, freedom, and equal opportunity for all Americans."

Priebus also hit Obama for his renewed focus on income inequality, suggesting the president's policies are to blame.

"The president is now preparing speeches on income inequality," Priebus said. "I believe he should give those speeches while standing in the mirror."