Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said in an interview airing Tuesday that Democratic senators who are vulnerable in 2014 should welcome President Obama on the campaign trail.

"Anytime the President of the United States appears supporting a candidate, it helps," Reid told CNN's Dana Bash.

Reid added: "Barack Obama is personally a very popular guy, and people love this man, they love his family. Of course, with what the Republicans have been doing, trying to denigrate him with what's happened with the rollout of Obamacare. But things -- even this week, his numbers are going up again."

Reid said some of the most vulnerable Democrats will invite Obama to campaign for him this year.

The most endangered Democrats facing reelection in 2014 come from some very red territory -- Alaska, Arkansas and Louisiana, for instance -- where Obama is more unpopular than he is elsewhere in the country. Generally, given those circumstances and the president's unpopularity, the candidates will often seek distance from the president and avoid appearing with him even when he visits the state on official business.

Reid's full interview with Bash will air on CNN in the 7 p.m. (eastern time) hour Tuesday night.