Democrats are taking Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) to task over his state's widely panned response to a winter storm that hit the Atlanta area hard this week.

In a Web ad that signals how the matter could become a bigger issue in Deal's reelection campaign in the fall, the Democratic Governors Association suggests the governor did not adequately prepare his state for the storm, which left many in the region stranded in school and traffic, among other places.

"Unprepared" and "ineffective" flash across the screen near the end of the ad.

Deal apologized Thursday and took responsibility for problems related to the storm.

"We did not respond fast enough. ... We will be much more cautious — and much more aggressive in terms of taking action in advance," he said.

While Deal is favored to win reelection, The Fix included his campaign on the list of the 15 races most likely to flip party control for the first time this cycle Friday. Deal's likely general election opponent in state Sen. Jason Carter (D), grandson of former president Jimmy Carter.