(Justin Lane/EPA)

This evening, former Obama campaign director David Axelrod sent out a tweet that contained more than 140 characters worth of insight into Democratic insiders' feelings about the next two election cycles.

The tweet seems to be a reaction to a series of stories that have been percolating the past few weeks: revelations about the Koch brothers' network, news that one of the largest Democratic super PACs — Priorities USA (a PAC designed to be active in presidential elections) — would not be participating in the midterms, and the massive worries emanating from the Senate Democrats' annual retreat yesterday. A story in the Wall Street Journal on Monday shows that Axelrod isn't alone: "With Democrats fighting to keep control of the Senate in the midterms, the emergence of the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA could eat into donations that the party's candidates need to win in November, some Democrats warn." It's a debate that's sure to continue between Team Clinton — which has been waiting a few years for the 2016 presidential contest — and the rest of the Democratic establishment.