Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said in a new interview that Democrats should distance themselves from Bill Clinton if they are serious about women's rights.

Asked on Newsmax TV whether Clinton is an unsavory character, Paul repeated his assertion that the former president is a "sexual predator."

"Yeah, I mean, a predator -- a sexual predator, basically. Repetitive," Paul said. "There's ... at least a half a dozen public women who have come forward. Some of them did sue in the (workplace)."

Paul added that Democrats who praise Clinton should take a hard look at his affair with Monica Lewinsky -- something Paul argues would be grounds for serious sanctions in other workplaces due to Lewinsky's status as an intern.

"If they want to be credible in saying they defend women's rights in the workplace, they really need to disown and really return any contributions that Bill Clinton's either raising for people or giving to people," Paul said.

Paul also continued to suggest that Bill Clinton's foibles should be an issue as Hillary Clinton weighs a run for president.

"What if that unsavory character is your husband?" Paul asked. "What if that unsavory character is Bill Clinton raising money for people across the country, and what if he were someone that was guilty of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at the workplace -- which, obviously, having sex with an intern at the office is inappropriate by any standard."