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Democratic congressman: Republicans ‘want people to starve’

A Democratic member of Congress says Republicans who pushed for cuts to food stamps in the recently passed farm bill "just want people to starve."

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), who voted against the package, said the 1 percent cut in food stamps (also known as SNAP) is aimed at hurting people rather than saving money or combating fraud in the food stamp system.

"If the Republicans wanted to say, ‘Let’s put in this action for protection or that action for protection,’ that would be something else, but they’re just using that as an excuse," Nadler told photojournalist Shimon Gifter in video posted to YouTube by Gifter. "They just want people to starve, and it’s disgusting.”

Nadler added: "We're not extending unemployment insurance, and now we want to starve people?"

(h/t Politicker)