Conservative Web sites pounced on a shocking new poll Tuesday: 71 percent of people who supported President Obama in 2012 now said that they regret their vote, according to pollster YouGov.

If true, it would be a huge blow to Obama, suggesting the president basically has no base left for his final three years in office.

Unfortunately for conservatives, the unbelievable poll was unbelievable for a reason: It was wrong. The headlines were based on a correct reading of the opt-in online poll, but the poll itself was incorrectly characterized.

If you look at the screenshot above, you'll note that the sample size for the "regret" question was just 35 people -- much smaller than the 396 people the poll tested who said they voted for Obama.

In a previous question, the poll did find that 10 percent of Obama supporters said they would vote for someone else if the election were replayed, but the 71 percent who said they regretted their vote came from this smaller group of people -- not from all Obama voters.

In other words, the percentage of Obama voters who say the regret their vote, according to the poll, is closer to 6 percent -- not 71 percent.

YouGov didn't respond to a request for comment, but that poll has been updated.