The Republican National Committee outraised the Democratic National Committee in January and continues to have a sizeable financial advantage heading into the 2014 election.

For the month, the RNC raised $7.8 million to the DNC's $6.6 million -- one of the closer months of the 2014 election cycle, but still a win for the GOP.

The RNC has $9.8 million cash on hand, as compared to the DNC's $5.7 million. The DNC is also continuing to carry a lot of debt -- $15.9 million -- leftover from the 2012 election cycle.

The DNC has actually seen its debt increase slightly each of the past three months -- a time when it should be paying down debt. At the start of the year, it was $15.6 million in debt. Over the past 12 months, the DNC has paid down less than $5 million of the more than $20 million in debt that it began 2013 with.

The RNC has no debt.