Ted Nugent introduces Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott during a campaign stop last week in Denton, Tex. (Ron Baselice/ Dallas Morning News via AP)

Conservative rocker Ted Nugent, who on Friday apologized for calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and promised to adjust his tone, on Monday compared the Obama administration to Nazi Germany.

During an interview on Dennis Miller's radio show, Miller took issue with Nugent describing the administration as "jackbooted thugs."

"I don't think he's Adolf Hitler," Nugent said, according to a recording obtained by liberal media watchdog Media Matters.

When Miller pressed him further, Nugent held his ground.

"I just don't agree at all," Nugent said. "There was an incrementalism to what happened in Germany and other places historically, where they came in slowly and they started -- the power struggle between the different races and the power struggle between different elements of society -- and they incrementally work their way in, and I think that's what Obamacare is."

Nugent also likened the IRS scandal to Nazi Germany.

"I really believe that what we see with the IRS can be compared accurately and historically to the early maneuvers of people like jackbooted thugs, like the brownshirts," he said. "I really believe that, and I think you're being too soft on them. ... I think he really wants to destroy America."

Nugent campaigned last week with Texas gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott (R) -- an appearance that placed a spotlight on some of Nugent's divisive past comments and put GOP officials in the awkward position of answering for them.

Nugent soon apologized for his month-old "subhuman mongrel" comment, saying that he would "try to elevate my vernacular to the level of those great men that I'm learning from in the world of politics."