Former congressman Francisco "Quico" Canseco (R-Tex.) wants a rematch against Rep. Pete Gallego (D-Tex.). But first he will have to survive a runoff campaign against Will Hurd (R).

Hurd and Canseco advanced to a runoff election Tuesday, a victory for the underdog Hurd, whom Canseco was hoping to leave behind in the first round of voting. With most precincts reporting, the two candidates were running neck and neck in the 23rd district primary, with a third candidate lagging behind.

Canseco lost a competitive race to Gallego in 2012. And he defeated Hurd, a former CIA officer, in a 201o runoff election. Canseco entered the 23rd district race late, allowing Hurd to build a fundraising lead.

The 23rd district is a sprawling swing area in southwestern Texas that is majority Hispanic.

In a memo, the National Republican Congressional Committee said, "both candidates have proven they have the ability to compete with freshman Rep. Pete Gallego, a staunch supporter of President Obama’s agenda, in November."

"Republicans’ Tea Party Civil War is on full display in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District, with voters sending Quico Canseco and Will Hurd to a runoff, where they will drive each other even further out of the mainstream," said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) in a statement.

The runoff will be May 27.