In 2013, traffic gridlock paralyzed a town next to the George Washington Bridge connecting New Jersey to New York City for four days. N.J. Gov. Chris Christie denies knowing abut any plans for wrongdoing. (Julie Percha/The Washington Post)

Another poll shows New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) approval continues to tumble.

In fact, Fairleigh Dickinson University shows more people disapprove of the governor (44 percent) than approve of him (41 percent) for the first time in his tenure as governor, according to FDU polling. (The difference is within the margin of error, however.)

The FDU poll showed Christie's approval peaking as high as 77 percent after superstorm Sandy, meaning he has dropped 36 points over the past year-plus -- and 20 points since November.

Another poll released Tuesday, by the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University, shows just 16 percent of New Jersey voters completely believe Christie when it comes to his bridge scandal. Another 35 percent believe him "somewhat," while 44 percent don't believe him at all.

The percentage of people describing Christie as very trustworthy also dropped to a new low: 23 percent. Overall, though, 61 percent of New Jersey voters see Christie as at least "somewhat" trustworthy.

It should be noted, in all of this, that Christie had a long way to fall since his approval rating was in the stratosphere after Sandy. But for now, his decline doesn't seem to show signs of ceasing.