Bill de Blasio (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's (D) honeymoon didn't last long.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows the liberal new mayor's approval rating has dropped since he first came into office in January, while those disapproving of him have more than doubled.

While de Blasio's approval/disapproval split was 53/13 in January, it's now at 45/34.

Independents are split on the new mayor, and Democrats aren't completely sold either. While 55 percent of Democrats approve of de Blasio, 27 percent disapprove.

Among Republicans, 75 percent disapprove of de Blasio, while just 16 percent approve.

While de Blasio still has solid support among blacks and, to a lesser extent, Latinos, white voters disapprove of him 45-39.

De Blasio has caused a stir early in his tenure. After campaigning on a return to the city's more liberal governance of the past, he has targeted charter schools and talked tough with the city's wealthier sections.

He also made the controversial decision to keep the city's schools open during a snowstorm last month -- a decision that drew plenty of rebukes, including from TV weatherman Al Roker.

While de Blasio's approval numbers have taken a hit, voters have generally nice things to say about him. Fifty-six percent say he's a strong leader, 57 percent say he understands their problems, and 65 percent are optimistic about his tenure as mayor.