President Obama said in an interview with NECN-TV on Wednesday that outgoing Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) would make a great president.

Patrick has said he won't run in 2016, but he hasn't ruled out potential future opportunities. And at 57 years old, the former Clinton administration official has some time.

"Deval would make a great president or vice president, but I think based on me talking to him, it sounds like he'd like to take a little bit of a break," Obama said. "...When you look at everything he's been able to accomplish and the strength of economic growth and job creation, the reforms that have taken place around education and improvements in transportation, Deval has done a great job, and I think signals that he could be very successful at the federal level, as well."

Patrick will leave office after the 2014 election and, even if he doesn't run for president, will likely be considered a frontrunner to be someone's running mate.