Vice President Biden predicted Friday that Republican governors who have declined the federal Medicaid expansion will eventually be forced to reverse course and take the expansion because of political pressure.

Speaking to the National Association of Community Health Centers in Washington, Biden criticized the GOP governors who have declined the extra funding but said he expects them to come around.

"I'm convinced, as a practitioner of the so-called art of politics, that they ... will not be able to sustain the heat," Biden said.

Republican governors have been split on the expansion, with some taking it and others declining it. Those who have declined it say they are concerned that the federal money will dry up after a couple years, leaving their state to pick up the slack -- among other reasons.

Biden noted that a few states have yet to make a decision on the Medicaid expansion. He said advocates need to redouble their efforts.

"We should be pushing as hard as we can without relenting at all," Biden said.

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