Update 9:46 a.m. Tuesday: The newly released ad, titled "The Schauer is Over," is above.

The Republican Governors Association is hitting the airwaves in Michigan for the first time this election cycle, beginning Tuesday, entering the air war on behalf of Gov. Rick Snyder, who has faced an early onslaught of Democratic attacks, according to two Democrats tracking the ad buy.

The group intends to spend nearly $400,000 airing a TV ad over the next week, and it could run an additional week for more money, the Democrats tracking the buy said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to provide a candid assessment of the ad war. The commercials will air in the Detroit, Flint and Grand Rapids media markets.

The Democratic Governors Association has already spent $2 million on the air. The DGA hit Snyder for cutting education funding and touted Democratic candidate and Mark Schauer, a former congressman, in its first ad.

The new ad buy comes as a recent poll showed Schauer running in a close race against Snyder.

The subject of the Republican ad was not immediately clear. It also wasn't immediately clear whether the RGA planned to air the ad in conjunction with the Snyder campaign. Such groups and candidates can coordinate on issue ads.

A spokesman for Snyder's campaign referred a reporter to the RGA when asked about the ad. The RGA declined to comment.

The Fix rated the Michigan governor's race the sixth mostly to flip party control this year in its most recent look at the 2014 landscape.

Originally posted at 5:14 p.m. Monday.