If you thought President Obama's "Between Two Ferns" interview was radical, prepare yourself for Vice President Biden's plunge into the world of Buzzfeed and cutesy GIFs.

The White House has launched a community channel on Buzzfeed as part of its broader online strategy, and Biden is its first star, as a series of GIFs illustrate "7 Reasons Why Vice President Biden Thinks You Should Get Covered by March 31."

What are some of the reasons young people should enroll under the Affordable Care Act, according to the White House? They include "It won't break the bank," as the vice president rejoices with a wad of cash, and "It's good to have choices," as he grabs a slew of items in Costco.

The post is "a way to share information with audiences online," a spokesperson for the vice president wrote in an e-mail. "The post is part of the White House’s ongoing efforts to reach consumers, including young adults – where they are to make sure they know they have until March 31st to sign up for quality, affordable health insurance through the federal and state marketplaces."

Now the only question is when the White House puts the first adorable cat photo on its new Buzzfeed channel--though it's a safe bet images of the First Family's dogs Bo and Sunny Obama will make it up there first.