Vice President Biden said in an interview airing Monday that he thinks Americans will be pleasantly surprised by the federal health-care law.

"I think everyone is going to be really surprised and pleased by how well this has turned out," Biden said on Rachael Ray's TV show.

Biden's comments aired after the Web site went down for several hours early Monday -- the deadline for people to get coverage or face a penalty.

Biden noted that those who begin the process by the end of the day Monday will still have extra time -- a determination made recently by the White House and decried by critics as another unilateral delay in the troubled health-care law rollout.

The interview also touched on Biden's personal life. The vice president also disclosed that his wife, Jill, told him five years ago that he needed to start moisturizing. Asked by Ray about his nice skin, Biden said he uses a men's product by Clinique.

"I do whatever Jill tells me," Biden said.

The vice president also said the he thinks it's important for husbands to be romantic with their wives.

"She makes it hard, though," Biden said of his wife. "She makes me chase."