Just 28 percent of voters in Illinois have trust in their state's government -- by far the lowest number in the United States.

The scandal-plagued state -- four of its last seven governors have wound up in jail -- ranks the lowest in trust in government by 12 points, according to a new Gallup poll. The next least-trusting citizens are in another state known for its scandals, Rhode Island, and Maine (40 percent each).

By contrast, about three-fourths of voters in North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming say they trust their government. Those three rank the highest among all 50 states.

Below are the most trustful and least trustful states. You'll notice that the most trustful states are all red states (12 of the top 13, in fact), while the seven least trustful are blue states -- the lone exception being Louisiana.

(Pennsylvania is controlled by the GOP but is a blue state; Maine has a Republican governor and a Democratic legislature.)

And here are all the states: