A new poll from Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg has got to be cause for concern for Democrats.

The poll shows that the key members of the Democratic coalition that has delivered Barack Obama two terms a president are not anxious to vote in the 2014 midterm election.

The poll shows that a group known as the "Rising American Electorate" -- which includes the strongly Democratic blocs of young people, unmarried women and minorities -- is significantly less likely to vote than other voters, who tend to favor Republicans.

Greenberg Quinlan Roesner Research
Greenberg Quinlan Roesner Research

Just 64 percent of members of the Rising American Electorate say they are "almost certain" to vote in 2014, compared to 79 percent of everyone else.

As The Fix noted Monday, this is hardly the first sign of potential turnout problems for Democrats. An AP poll released over the weekend showed those who are very interested in politics favor a GOP-controlled Congress to a Democratic one by 51-37 percent.

Democratic strategists and even President Obama have worried aloud that their supporters aren't as focused on the midterm election as they need to be.