Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to finish his degree online. (Michael Sears/AP)

A spokesman for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the governor intends to earn his college degree -- nearly a quarter-century after he left Marquette University early.

From the Journal-Sentinel:

A spokeswoman said the governor wants to finish his college degree through the University of Wisconsin-System's innovative online course offerings. For now, however, Walker is still waiting for the right degree program to be added to the lineup of the still fledgling program. 

"Governor Walker would like to finish his degree through the UW FlexOption once they expand the degree offerings," Laurel Patrick said.

The governor left Marquette University his senior year to take a job with the American Red Cross and hasn't finished his degree. He has often said he would like to wrap up the task.

Patrick said she was checking on what degree the governor is hoping to pursue and what his timeline is for starting. The next year could be a tough time to start -- Walker is running for re-election against Democratic opponent Mary Burke.

Walker's lack of a college degree has come up from time to time in the context of his potential 2016 presidential campaign. The last president who didn't have a college degree was Harry Truman.

Walker, 46, left Marquette in his senior year, so he's close to having his degree. But he also faces a tough reelection campaign this year and would have to ramp up a 2016 presidential bid relatively shortly thereafter.