Hillary Clinton's new memoir is due out June 10, according to a Web site for the as-yet-unnamed book and booksellers.

Clinton has been working on the memoir since departing as secretary of state in February of last year. The book, to be published by Simon & Schuster, is expected to focus on her tenure as the United States' top diplomat.

It's also, of course, a major development when it comes to Clinton's potential 2016 presidential campaign. Nearly all presidential candidates these days release books laying out their vision for the country and person biographies.

Last month, Clinton described the book thusly, according to our own Philip Rucker:

Addressing the Association of American Publishers, Clinton said the book would cover challenges in the 21st century from Crimea to climate change. “Just another light summer read,” she quipped.

She described her study at home as an episode of “Hoarders,” with book notes and chapter drafts piled up all over. And she said her advisers, family and friends are vigorously debating the merits of her paragraphs.

Clinton is still mulling a title — although she joked that she was considering “The Scrunchie Chronicles: 112 Countries and It’s Still All About My Hair,” a winner from a reader contest last year in The Washington Post’s “In the Loop” column.

In her book, Clinton will frame her State Department legacy and lay out her views on a range of important policy matters ahead of a potential presidential campaign.

Clinton said the book would be “about my experiences at the State Department, our rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world, and the challenges facing us in the 21st century.

And here's more on the book, again from Rucker.

Clinton's previous book, "Living History," sold more than 1 million copies.