Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks during a presentation Wednesday, March 26, 2014, in West Lafayette, Ind., where GE Aviation announced plans to build a $100 million jet engine manufacturing plant in Lafayette to fill orders for its new passenger airline engine. (AP Photo/Journal & Courier, John Terhune)
File: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (AP Photo/Journal & Courier, John Terhune)

To this point, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) has been on the periphery of talk about the 2016 presidential race.

But he says in a new interview that he is being encouraged to consider tossing his hat in the ring. Pence told Howey Politics Indiana that national GOP figures are "reaching out" to him.

The former congressman, though, has to contend with a potential reelection campaign in 2016 -- meaning it's very likely he would have to decide between reelection and running for president.

He said he'll make a decision on such matters next year.

“With regard to the other aspects to your question, I would just say, our decision on making any kind of decision on reelection will come sometime in the next calendar year," Pence said.

Pence is not widely expected to run for president, but his comments suggest it's on his radar -- or, at the very least, he's keeping the door cracked.

Pence said the attention is more a reflection of Indiana's progress than his own prospects. He wouldn't say who precisely is talking to him about running.

“I understand the interest in who we’re talking to and I’ll leave you to your own devices on that,” Pence said. “We’ve had people reach out. We’re very fortunate to have friends around the country who appreciate the leadership we’re providing here.