New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (John Gress/Reuters)

Here's a fun -- and perhaps telling -- little anecdote from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) session with grade-schoolers on Monday.

The kids asked him about his experience at the White House. From the Star-Ledger:

“I looked at my wife and I said ‘What are we doing here? Can you believe we’re actually here in the White House dancing to Harry Connick Jr. by George Washington? How did this happen?” he said.


Then one student wanted to know if he’d ever had a sleep-over there. No, much to his disappointment, Christie said. But he remains hopeful.

“No, I’ve never been invited to sleep over at the White House. I’ve had dinner at the White House a number of times and I was waiting – maybe he’s going to tap me on the shoulder and ask me if I want to go upstairs and stay in the Lincoln bedroom, but he didn’t.”

“I was there pretty late and he didn’t invite me to come upstairs,” he continued. “Secret Service made me leave.”

He described for them the public area of the White House but couldn’t tell them what it was like to be in the residential section.

“I’ve never been upstairs in the residence part so I can’t tell you what that (looks like) because I didn’t get invited to the sleepover,” he said.

Perhaps nobody has acknowledged so publicly how flattered he is by all the presidential speculation. It seems Christie is pretty awed by the White House in general, too.

As to whether he'll seek to "sleep over" on a permanent basis in 2016, he told the grade-schoolers that his decision will come sometime in the "next year or so."