Update 5:43 p.m.: AFP has changed the image used in the ad. The new version is above.

Update 7:07 p.m.: And here's the statement from AFP spokesman Levi Russell: "The image used was an unfortunate oversight which was immediately corrected as soon as it was pointed out."

The parents of four people killed in the 2012 Aurora movie theater shootings are calling on a Koch brothers-backed group to take down an ad featuring an image of President Obama's trip to Colorado following the shootings.

The ad, from Americans for Prosperity, features an image of President Obama standing next to Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) at a press conference in the days after the shooting, looking somber. The ad attacks Udall for supporting Obamacare.

The parents of four of the victims -- A.J. Boik, Jessica Ghawi, Alex Sullivan and Alex Teves -- released the following statement, through a public relations agency:

"The use of an image taken from the President's visit to Colorado to meet with us after our children were killed in the Aurora Theater shooting is an utter disgrace. And to insinuate the somber expressions were for anything other than their compassionate response to our heartbreak is beyond unconscionable. Americans for Prosperity is exploiting our tragedy for political gain and this ad should be pulled from the air immediately. We hope Colorado television stations will exercise sound judgment and not air this ad until AFP removes the image."

Here's the photo that was used in the initial ad:

(Saul Loeb, Getty Images)