We all know that people are Ready for Hillary. Now there's a new group that's unaffiliated with the former secretary of state but wants her to run for president: Faith Voters for Hillary.

The site went live Friday. It showcases a photo of a beaming Clinton with the words "faith, values, liberty, peace" laid out like a banner.

The site is a compliment to the Twitter account @Faith4Hillary, which has more than 34,000 followers and went live more than a year ago.

The idea was hatched by Burns Strider, vice president of the SuperPAC American Bridge, and Rick Hendrix, a Nashville businessman who supported Clinton in 2008. The effort is going to start a PAC, but it and the Faith Voters for Hillary effort are not affiliated with American Bridge.

"I’ve always felt like people of faith like to talk to each other and they like to get together and they like to be in a community, so creating spaces for people of faith to come together on things they agree on or are working on is very valuable," Strider said in an interview.

Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at the Edmund Fusco Contemporary Issues Forum at the University of Connecticut on April 23, 2014, in Storrs, Conn. (Jessica Hill/AP)

In her book "It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us," Clinton said that religion figures into some of the earliest memories of her family.

"The teachings of her faith, the principles of the Methodist church, and the examples of her family have been the guiding light throughout her life: 'I first learned about social and personal responsibility as a young girl growing up. I learned it from my parents; I learned it from my church,' " the Web site quotes Clinton as saying.

The group is holding breakfasts to help rally voters of faith. The next is next week in Columbia, S.C.

The timing is interesting. Clinton, a lifelong Methodist, is speaking at the United Methodist Women Assembly in Louisville on Saturday.