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Arne Duncan on Sterling: ‘I don’t think he has a place in the NBA’ if allegations true

File: Education Secretary Arne Duncan. (Associated Press)

At a gathering to discuss high school graduation rates this morning, Education Secretary Arne Duncan was asked about Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling. Duncan,who played professional basketball in Australia before starting his career in education, had some stern words.

If the allegations about Sterling’s remarks regarding African Americans are true, “I don’t think he has a place in the NBA and the owners are going to have to step up,” Duncan said. “The more you read about this gentleman, it seems like this is who he is. Sometimes people with money think they can make their own rules and he was able to do that for a while.”

Unprompted, Duncan segued into a rap about Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder, suggesting that owner needs to make some changes. “Here in Washington we have the Washington Redskins – is that name appropriate for a professional football team? I don’t think it is. We should challenge the status quo right here in Washington.”

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