A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll largely confirms the findings of a Washington Post/ABC poll released earlier this week, finding perceptions of Obamacare haven't measurably improved despite some good news.

The NBC/WSJ poll shows 36 percent of Americans say President Obama's signature health-care law was a good idea, while 46 percent say it was a bad idea. That's slightly improved from last month -- when 35 percent approved and 49 percent disapproved -- but about par-for-course for polling since Obamacare's implementation began in October.

When the Affordable Care Act was first being implemented, 38 percent said it was a good idea, while 43 percent disagreed.

The poll finds that 28 percent of Americans say Obamacare will negatively impact them personally, while 13 percent say it will benefit them. Those numbers are virtually identical to polls conducted in September and December.

The White House took something of a victory lap recently when it announced that it had met its sign-ups goal, and a recent Congressional Budget Office report showed the law will cost less than previously projected.

But the new poll shows just 11 percent of people say the recent news about the law has made them more confident about it, while 28 percent say it has made them less confident.