Sarah Palin on Monday mocked the media and liberals for the way they reacted to Republican strategist Karl Rove's recent questions about the health of Hillary Rodham Clinton, decrying anger about Rove's comments she views as a double standard.

"Hey! Hillary’s brain is off-limits! Leave her health records alone! Democrats are right – scouring records of a female candidate is just politics of personal destruction, and for the media to engage in it would be unfair, unethical, and absolutely UNPRECEDENTED. You can’t probe a woman like that because, well, it’s a war on women!" Palin wrote in a deeply personal post on her Facebook page.

"America," Palin wrote, "you deserve fair and consistent coverage of relevant issues before deciding a Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket, so have faith the agenda-less media will refuse to push whispers and wildly inaccurate information about a partisan politician’s body part."

The former Alaska governor and 2012 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee accused liberals of applying a "double standard" to her and Clinton, citing items about those who suggested she was not the mother of her son Trig.

"Thank goodness liberals are consistent in refusing to apply double standards, thanks to their disdain for hypocrisy – so they’ll come through once again!" she said.

Palin concluded her post by slamming journalists.

"With enormous issues to debate before choosing a Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket, have confidence no mean-spirited salaciousness will be pushed by 'real journalists.' Nope. This just doesn’t happen at this respectable level of American politics. Just ask me. And Trig," she said sarcastically.