Ready for Hillary, a super PAC mobilizing support for a potential presidential bid by Hillary Rodham Clinton, filed paperwork Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission that will allow it to make direct candidate donations.

The move lets the group set up a separate fund to provide direct but limited support to campaigns. As a super PAC, it can spend unlimited sums on independent activity that is not coordinated with candidates.

By restructuring as a so-called hybrid super PAC, Ready for Hillary could serve as a flanking political operation for Clinton by contributing to Democratic candidates she endorses, much in the way that leadership PACs operate. Its support for 2014 candidates could also help assuage concerns that the super PAC and other pro-Clinton groups are too focused on the 2016 elections.

The group – which can accept unlimited donations but has capped them at $25,000 – had nearly $900,000 on hand at the end of March.

"Ready for Hillary and our more than 2 million supporters are not only excited about encouraging Hillary to run in 2016, but also excited to be working to elect Democrats in 2014," said spokesman Seth Bringman. "This is another tool that we now have available to us to help in that effort."

The move potentially further elevates the role of Ready for Hillary, which quickly attracted both attention and critics when it was launched by two Clinton supporters last year. The organization is now part of a constellation of independent groups already in place to bolster another Clinton candidacy.