Former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden, speaking on CBS's "Face the Nation," insisted that Edward Snowden has harmed national security by disclosing previously classified NSA data-collection programs to The Washington Post and other news media outlets.

"Unquestionable, irreparable, irreversible harm," Hayden said Sunday morning, responding to an interview that Snowden did last week — the former NSA contractor's first in the year since he leaked the documents.

During the interview with NBC's Brian Williams, Snowden said the United States has not proven that the documents he released have done any harm to national security or counterterrorism efforts.

Hayden insisted that damage had been done.

"There is no way that the United States can reveal — without creating far greater harm — what it is we have lost," Hayden said. "What is it he wants us to do? To go out publicly with a list of all of the terrorist targets now that we're no longer covering because of the information that he revealed?"