The American Energy Alliance on Wednesday released a new TV ad hitting vulnerable Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) over his vote against a bill that would have  required Congress to sign off on any federal rule that cost more than $100 million, suggesting that he did not fight hard enough against the Obama administration's new move to curb carbon emissions.

"President Obama isn't just waging war on coal, he's waging war on West Virginia," says the narrator of the ad, shared first with Post Politics. "Congressman Nick Rahall had the chance to protect West Virginia from harmful EPA regulations. Instead, Rahall stood with Obama."

The American Energy Alliance is 501(c)(4) arm of the Institute for Energy Research and was part of a coalition of conservative groups  backed by a Koch brothers-organized donor network in 2012, The Post's Matea Gold reported this year

While the ad hits Rahall for his vote against HR 367 , Rahall opposes the administration's new proposal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants in the next 16 years and vowed Monday to introduce legislation to stop it.

The group says the ad will air in West Virginia for three weeks, backed by a $140,000 ad buy.