Salary is something most people don't typically discuss or reveal.

But that all goes out the window if you're a public employee -- in this case a member of the White House staff.  On Tuesday, the Obama administration released its annual report on employee salaries, offering a bit of a glimpse into the bank accounts of White House staffers.

Since 1995 the White House has been required to tell Congress the title and salary of every staffer. The administration has put the report online. In addition to White House staffers, it includes officials who work in the Domestic Policy Council and National Economic Council.

Like most workplaces, salaries within the White House range wildly -- the highest paychecks are $172,200, the top amount an assistant to the president can make. That is the highest ranking official title (aside from president or vice president) in the White House. The lowest-paid employees make $42,000. Elyse Cohen, the deputy director of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative and Nathaniel Loewentheil, a policy adviser, make nothing.

The White House will pay just under $37.8 million to 456 employees in 2014. Wondering who makes what? Scroll through and find out.

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