More than half of American veterans say it is "very" or "somewhat" difficult to get access to health care through a Department of Veterans Affairs facility, according to a new Gallup poll released Tuesday.

Fifty-five percent say it is "very" or "somewhat" difficult to get access to medical care, regardless of whether they have accessed such care. Just 30 percent say it is "very" or "somewhat" easy.

(Chart via Gallup)

The poll comes as the VA has been under intense scrutiny after revelations of long wait times and false record-keeping.

The negative attention the VA has gotten as a result of the scandals has decreased veterans' confidence in the agency. Sixty percent say they are less confident as a result of the news. About a third (34 percent) say it makes no difference.

Political party affiliation seems to influence the way veterans view ease of access to care. Those identifying as Democrats are nearly twice as likely as Republicans to say it is easy to get care.

The poll of veterans was conducted June 16-20.