Author Ann Coulter speaks at CPAC in 2012. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is taking to the pages of a Mississippi newspaper to urge state Sen. Chris McDaniel and his supporters to stop contesting the results of the Republican runoff for U.S. Senate, warning that he is destroying his political future.

In a Jackson Clarion-Ledger op-ed, Coulter writes that McDaniel is being "led down a primrose path to political oblivion." His backers, Coulter argues, "think that a moment of crisis for the country is a good time to treat control of the Senate as if it's a prom queen election."

Coulter cites examples from history that argue in favor of bowing out.

"Observe that no one is asking Al Gore to run again, except maybe his cardiologist," she writes. "Even in cases of actual vote fraud, history shows that the contesting politicians get branded as sore losers and destroy their political careers. Better to be magnanimous and live to fight another day."

She cites the example of Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who conceded a close election in 2002, only to try again two years later. He won the second time around.

Sen. Thad Cochran defeated McDaniel in the May 24 runoff by 7,667 votes. His win was certified this week by the state Republican Party. But McDaniel's team, alleging voter fraud, is moving toward an official challenge of the results.

"Hoping for yet a third primary vote, McDaniel's crew is going to prevent him from having any political career, ever again," writes Coulter.