So how exactly did the implementation of the federal health-care law change the percentage of uninsured people in each state? In some cases, it reduced that percentage dramatically. In others, the drop was slighter.

We know that Massachusetts has the lowest projected uninsured rate and Texas has the highest. We also know that on average, the percentage of the population that is uninsured in blue states  -- that is, states President Obama won in 2012 -- is smaller than it is in red states, which were carried by Mitt Romney.

We know all this thanks to a map and accompanying study from WalletHub, a publication of Evolution Finance. The study ranked all states and D.C. based on the projected uninsured rates, post-Obamacare . (Seven states were excluded because of data limitations or Medicaid expansion taking effect after the time period analyzed in the study.)

Hover over states on the map below to see where your state ranks. The lower the ranking, the lower the uninsured rate.

In Massachusetts, the projected uninsured rate is 1.2 percent. In Texas, it's 24.81 percent. Blue states' average ranking is 15.92. For red states, that number is 28.52.

For the complete study and the uninsured rate in all of the states examined, click here for the complete study.