President Obama has been doubling down on the junk food lately, scarfing down burgers, sipping beers and heading to Chipotle in an effort to connect with everyday Americans.

The first lady, however, is trying to cut back.

Speaking at a kids' state dinner meant to promote healthy eating, President Obama talked about favorite foods in his family. He really likes chips and guacamole. Really.

"My big thing -- chips and guacamole," Obama said. "Basically, if there is a bowl of good chips and guacamole .."

"He loses it," Michelle Obama said.

"I lose my mind," Obama said. "I lose my mind."

Daughter Malia likes ice cream, while daughter Sasha prefers sushi. Sasha also likes pie, just like her father, who quipped that someone put "crack" in the White House pie and claimed it made his cholesterol shoot up.  And Michelle Obama loves french fries.

The first lady has made her affinity -- "obsession," as she once called it -- for fried potatoes known quite often in the past, but she's trying to curb it.

"But I’m going to say this,"  Michelle Obama said. "I’m making a vow -- I’m going to take a break from french fries."

"Really?" the president asked.

"Yes," Michelle Obama replied.

"Wow, that’s big," her husband said.

As for the president, we don't expect his fast-food jaunts to end any time soon. Just Thursday, Obama headed to Delaware to have lunch with a single mother who wrote him a letter about her struggles. On Obama's plate? A hamburger. And French fries.