Former congressman Mark Schauer (D-Mich.) acknowledged Wednesday that he voted in the Republican primary for president in 2012.

The gubernatorial candidate would not disclose which candidate he voted for. With President Obama facing no opposition, some Democrats looked to meddle in the Republican primary. The idea was to try to spur former senator Rick Santorum to an upset over frontrunner Mitt Romney.

"There was nobody to vote for on the Democratic side of the ballot," Schauer told reporters Wednesday, according to "I try not to miss any elections, and so no, I don't encourage that, but I think that's up to every individual voter to decide. Michigan is full of crossover and independent voters."

Republicans earlier this week released undated video of Scahuer encouraging Democratic voters to vote in their primary instead of crossing over in a Michigan's 11th district. There has been talk in that race of meddling in the GOP primary to boost Democratic hopes in November.

Schauer is expected to advance to a general election campaign against Gov. Rick Snyder (R).