Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton says she regrets saying that she and husband Bill Clinton left the White House "dead broke" in 2001.

"I regret it. It was inartful. It was accurate. But, we are so successful and we are so blessed by the success we've had. And my husband has worked incredibly hard," Hillary Clinton told Fusion TV's Jorge Ramos in an interview Monday.

Clinton told ABC's Diane Sawyer in a June interview, "We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt." The former first lady cited legal fees that she and her husband had to pay during his White House tenure.

Clinton said she worries about the economic outlook of "other families in our country who feel like they are running in place," not her own family.

The former secretary of state said she knows her net worth "within a range" but declined to offer a specific estimate.

"But millions?" Ramos asked her.

Clinton responded: "Yes, indeed."