This is what a Klingon looks like. (Associated Press photo) This is what a Klingon looks like. (Associated Press photo)

Okay, he's not actually a Klingon. (That would be a much bigger story, right?!) But plumber David Waddell speaks the language. And he just qualified as an official write-in candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina.

Waddell's claim to national, nay, international fame is his resignation from the Indian Trail town council. He wrote his resignation letter in Klingon.

Yes, Klingon. The fictional alien race and eponymous language from "Star Trek." A self-described "Trekkie," Waddell says you shouldn't expect to hear him talking much about the show on the campaign trail.

"I'm going to keep that that at an absolute minimum because there is a time and place for having fun," he told Post Politics.

Waddell said it took him about four months to collect the 500 signatures he needed to be recognized as an official Senate write-in candidate. Write-in votes for those who do not clear that threshold are not counted. There are two other official write-in candidates so far.

A former Republican who says he left the party after watching it change its presidential nominating rules to keep candidates like Ron Paul "from having a chance," Waddell is running as a constitutional conservative. He wants to shakeup the status quo and advocate limited intrusion from the federal government.

Or, you know, DabuQlu'DI' yISuv!

That's Klingon for, "When threatened, fight!" Obviously.